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[Hot] Simple Guide to Playing Double Chance Bets from Wintips Experts

Double chance betting is a somewhat unfamiliar term for new football bettors. In reality, this is a quite advantageous betting method that only seasoned experts know how to exploit effectively. So how do you play it, and how do you place your bets? bet win tips Club explains everything in detail in this article.

What is Double Chance Betting?

First, you need to understand what double chance betting is. This is a type of bet developed from the traditional European handicap (1×2). As you know, the European odds have three outcomes corresponding to three symbols:

  • Home team win corresponds to “1”.

  • Away team win corresponds to “2”.

  • A draw corresponds to “X”.

What if in this bet, you were allowed to wager money on 2 out of 3 outcomes? You would then have double the chance of winning, which is the meaning of "double chance". This form of betting has the highest winning probability in bookmaker top.

Double chance betting only considers the regular time of the match, including two halves and stoppage time. Therefore, if the match goes into extra time, it is still considered a draw.

Why Play Double Chance Bets?

Many new bettors often overlook this type of bet without playing it. In reality, this is a very easy form to win and is particularly suitable for new players because:

  • The chance of winning is extremely high since you are betting on 2 outcomes.

  • The rules for placing double chance bets are simple and easy to understand.

  • If you are new to football betting, this is the easiest bet to win.

Basic Guide to Double Chance Betting

Next, Wintips will guide you on how to place your bets simply with this form. To play, you need to know the symbols and how to place your bets.

Symbols in Double Chance Betting The symbols in this form are taken from the European handicap symbols with three icons corresponding to three betting options:

  • Symbol “1X”: Bet on the home team to win or draw.

  • Symbol “X2”: Bet on the away team to win or draw.

  • Symbol “12”: Bet on the match to have a winner and not end in a draw.

How to Play Double Chance Bets To play, you will place money on one of the three betting options above. Here are the possible scenarios:

  • Option 1X: This is the option where the away team does not win. If the home team wins or draws, you win the bet. The formula for calculating winnings is: winnings = stake (1/odds1 + 1/oddsX).

  • Option 12: This is the option where the match has a winner and does not end in a draw. If it’s a draw, you lose the bet. The formula for calculating winnings is: winnings = stake (1/odds1 + 1/odds2).

  • Option X2: This last option represents the result where the home team loses. If they win, you lose the bet. The formula for calculating winnings in this case is: winnings = stake (1/odds1 + 1/oddsX).

Betting Tips for Double Chance Bets Everyone Should Know

Besides knowing how to play, you need some tips from experts to win double chance bets. Here are some useful betting tips from Wintips.

Do Not Skip Information Analysis As with most other betting forms, to place your money on the correct outcome, you must check the information. Analysis is always the most crucial step in football betting. Even though double chance betting has double the winning probability, it does not guarantee a 100% win.

Some information about the importance of the match, injuries, form, and playstyle of both teams is what you should investigate. By compiling this information, you can get a better picture of how the matches will unfold, helping you make accurate decisions.

Prioritize Safe Bets As a betting option for new bettors, do not be ashamed to place money on safe bets. Ensuring your capital is more important when you are just starting than taking risks without any knowledge.

Specifically, for double chance betting, you should choose the higher-rated team. For example, if the home team is stronger, you should prioritize betting in the order of 12, followed by 1X.

Tips for Betting on Knockout Matches Some knockout matches with high importance should be approached from a different perspective. If you choose outcomes based on the higher-rated team, in knockout stages, you should lean towards the underdog.

Specifically, if the underdog is the away team, you should prioritize betting on X2, then 1X. Do not choose the 12 option because the match might go into extra time, in which case the regular time still counts as a draw.


The above is the complete concept and information about double chance betting. This betting form is quite interesting and simple, suitable for new players. Visit the Wintips homepage to read more interesting articles and enjoy best betting site bangladesh.


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